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What is File Management?

What is File Management?

File management is where you can create folders and upload files for your AI agents to use as knowledge. Users can upload their files, webpages and connect their document management systems to create a comprehensive knowledge base for their AI Agents to access. 

File Upload

Drag & Drop files from your computer into the Echobase platform.

Supported Files: Echobase currently supports .docx, .pdf, .csv and.txt file types. Additional file support is coming soon.

File Size Limits: The maximum size of a group of files uploaded at once is 50MB. This is due to the indexing process required for each file. You can continue to upload batches of 50MB until you have finished uploading. Please note the maximum upload restriction per plan type.

Web Crawl (Coming Soon)

Copy & paste a homepage URL into the input box and the web scraper will automatically add the content of the whole website to the folder. Please note that it will not be able to open and read files on a website (these will need to be downloaded and added separately). 

Document Management System (Coming Soon)

Accessing and training the folders directly from your existing document management systems couldn’t be easier. You will be required to login to your external provider to ensure that files are secure and only the files you select will be uploaded to Echobase. Some of our partnerships include;

Google (coming soon):
Microsoft (coming soon):