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The "Organization" feature facilitates collaborative efforts on AI Agents with your team members. Upon subscribing to the 'Enterprise' plan, an organization can be established via Settings > Organization. Within this organizational framework, members have the ability to view and interact with each other's agents. Furthermore, chat histories and folders are accessible on an organization-wide scale, ensuring efficient information sharing.

Adding Members

You can add new members to the organization by adding their email address and clicking ‘invite’. The indicator on the right shows how many members are part of the organization.

Permission Levels

Owner: The owner is the user who created the organization. They have permissions to be able to create, delete and interact with agents.

Admin: Admins have the same permission level as the owner with the exception of being able to manage their organisation’s billing information. They can create and delete agents and folders and delete members from the organization. 

Member: Members are able to create and interact with agents but cannot delete.

Read and Chat Only: These users are only able to chat with existing agents.